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The September syndrome……………

on September 4, 2012

Summer is done, back to school tomorrow for amigos 1 and 2, nursery on thurs for amigo 3, Slimming World crash rejoin tomorrow for me, back to the gym, back to work away for weeks and weeks for HRH in the morn, the mozzi’s are out in full force around all my windows, and there is a most definite autumnal feel going down around here. Boo.  I’m looking forward to the routine recommencing to be truthful, I need it and they do too. He (as in HRH) has been home long enough, 24/7 for the last 6 weeks is enough for anyone, we all need a break from each other. The boys are almost killing one another, they squabble from morning til night, so school is definitely needed now, with their own pals and their school activities and clubs starting again, will be welcomed by all.  Sounds a bit mean, but no matter how much love we have, we still need time out. I do for sure. I’m very short tempered at the min, deffo aware I am raising my voice plenty and muttering to myself.  I need to crack on with my studying, i’ve got to stop procrastinating and really focus my mind on my assignments.  That’s the nice feeling of September ‘back to school’ – I think about winter clothes (shallow) and boots (shallower), Sunday roast dinners and the logs burning on the fire…..mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Like that thought. Wish someone would come in and cook the roast and light the darn fire though. Still. Can’t have it all, so people say (why not though I ask??!! I do want it all!)

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2 responses to “The September syndrome……………

  1. Karen says:

    There is something about September isn’t there that kind of signals change and a fresh start for the end of the year, and knowing that Christmas is coming soo, although that fills me with dread a little!

    • Yes definitely you’re right there, people say they love this country for the definitive seasons, i agree – although winter is just too long for my liking! and Christmas – eeeek! Not allowed to go there yet!!!

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