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O2 you are Poo!

on January 9, 2013

OMG. Just how unhelpful can the staff in my local O2 be?! Poor customer service really really rattles me, and O2 you have truly rattled me today. I have a blackberry, on a contract, that is quite expensive, but I like the phone. I chose O2 as they supposedly had a stronger network in my area. Anyway. The phone is not working , it switches itself when I slide it open to use the keypad. V v frustrating. So I go into town, which in itself is not a particularly pleasant experience, lots of pound shops, into the O2 shop. No other customers, 3 youff’s that are the staff, sitting at the back of store looking in horror at the fact they have a customer. 2 males, 1 female, not getting any eye contact from any of them, I headed to the girl, willing her to acknowledge me. She looked at me when I began talking to her, explaining my problem with my phone. Her response was that they couldn’t do anything there really……. ?!?!?! So I go on that I’m an O2 customer, I bought the phone there, how was I supposed to get it fixed, I’m paying a contract blah blah blah…. So she says that they could sent it away to be looked at, but it will take at least 2 weeks. I say that’s ok, anything to get it sorted, and could I rent a phone from them in the interim. Errrrrrr, well the only phones we have for this purpose are really basic ones that you can only call and text with. That’s fine says I. And you will have to pay £25 for one. That’s ok too says I. Right then. We are getting somewhere. I ask if my SIM card will transfer all my saved numbers and info. She says that depends if you have saved stuff on your sim or to the phone. I say how can I tell? I’m a bit of a technofobe I admit. Can you help me , I ask. She looks at my phone, and then says nah, it’s all saved on the phone. And that it will all get wiped off when it goes off to be fixed. So I ask is it possible to save all the data somehow then before I send it off. She says yeh you can write it all down. Wtf?!?! She says blackberry don’t allow you to transfer data from the phone to a SIM. And that was kind of it. I walked out, feeling really annoyed. Annoyed that it is all so fecking complicated to get the phone fixed, whilst still in contract. And even more annoyed at the total lack of customer service. Everything was met with a negative response. There was no effort whatsoever to offer any help. It was clear from the outset that what their body language wanted to say was feck off, we are busy doing nothing. She did have very nice nail art though.

So, O2 shame on you. I feel compelled to ask for the manager next time I go in, but question will this actually achieve anything? Will the staff be trained better? Will it improve the customer experience? I suspect not. will the manager be interested? maybe one of the trio was the manager. One thing i am sure of is that i will be switching away from them though as soon as my contract permits. Will they are? Me thinks not. So much for the customer is always right eh. Just another myth!

2 responses to “O2 you are Poo!

  1. upallhours says:

    I agree. Thanks for the rant! They are seriously awful and obviously don’t bother with the customer service bit of staff training. I think that nice nails is maybe more important!

    Had loads of problems with them when I wanted to upgrade. Did complain to the manger though and got £60 on my account. x

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